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Customer Service

Q: Who will I be dealing with at The Phone Works?

Q: What kind of experience do the Executives have in home health industry?

Q: What kind of technical expertise do the Executives have in providing time & attendance telephony solutions?

Q: What makes your customer service and support unique?

A: The Phone Works owns, operates and maintains 2 data centers located in different states, both with emergency backup power supplies. This ensures that we can deliver superior service to our clients with less down-time as we do not subcontract out the most important part of what our clients are paying for! Unlike our competitors, we own them, we operate them, and we maintain them. And as such, we guarantee unsurpassed response and resolve to any service interruption, while maintaining contact with our clients. Our competitors rely on third-party subcontracted vendors to do this critical work! Full disaster recovery & data and system redundancy.


Q: How much does PATTI cost?
A: The rate schedule along with sample reports are available upon request. Please contact our office for this information. We encourage you to call us at any time so that we can learn about your specific requirements. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Our phone number is: 1-800-655-6515.

Q: What costs do I incur to start with your service?
A: There is no start up cost for the service itself. Please remember however that there will be certain in-house costs that you will likely incur, such as explaining the process to your clients and staff. The initial roll out period also requires attention from your administrators.

Q: I expect to have more than 5,000 calls in a four week time period. Do you offer a higher rate package?
A: Yes. We allow you to aggregate any of our rate plans in any combination to achieve the most economical structure for your individual needs. For example if you needed a 10,000 call allowance, you can put two of the 5,000 call plans together.

Q: Does your service calculate payroll?
A: Our reports will sum up the amount of worked time in hours for each employee as well as the amount of man-hours for each client. This can be done to coincide with your payroll work period.

Q: Do I get billed for the toll-free usage?
A: No. It is included.

Q: Do I get charged extra for reports?
A: No. All standard reports are included at no additional cost. Only customized reports that you specifically request may incur an additional fee.

Q: Do you accept automatic payment by credit card?
A: Yes.

Q: I see that you invoice every four weeks rather than monthly, why?
A: This keeps your calculated call totals for invoicing very consistent since the time periods are always 28 days.


Q: Can I assign or use my existing employee numbering system?
A: Yes, provided it is all numbers.

Q: Can I assign or use my existing client-job numbering system?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there a specific amount of digits that are needed for the employee and client numbering system?
A: No.

Q: Can you collect mileage from my staff for reimbursement?
A: Yes. Actual miles or odometer readings can be collected. This can be set up globally or on a per client basis.

Q: Can you collect task or discipline codes?
A: Yes. This can be global or on a per job basis. Specific codes can also be set to collect quantity values.

Q: Do we share the toll-free number with other companies?
A: No, you will receive your own individual toll-free number. Our service utilizes separate databases for your information and does not “co-mingle” your data with our other customers’ data.

Q: Can PATTI be set to announce the current time to my worker?
A: Yes.

Q: Can PATTI be set to announce a unique confirmation number of the transaction to my worker?
A: Yes.

Q: Can the voice prompts be changed to say something different?
A: Yes.

Q: Can PATTI “round” the actual worked time?
A: The scheduled e-mailed reports can be set to “round” the actual worked time.


Q: What about HIPAA?
A: PATTI utilizes HIPAA-compliant secure data transmission and encrypted Web site for reporting.

Industries Served

Q: Do you service the home care industry? Do you service any other industries?
A: Many of our customers are in the home health/care industry. We also serve other industries including security, IT-educational, staffing, property maintenance and janitorial, as well as professionals in law firms, doctors offices, and consulting companies.

Q: I have clients in assisted living and nursing facilities. Will this work for them?
A: Yes.


Q: I have some employees who do not understand English. Can the service speak in other languages?
A: Yes, it can be set for multilingual operation.


Q: I have more than one office. Can your service handle this?
A: Yes. Offices or other types of client differences can be separated on the Web and scheduled reports.

Q: Will the system work when I have two different clients that share the same phone?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the system work when my clients have more than one phone number?
A: Yes, your clients can have many different numbers.

Q: Can my employees block the caller id function? What happens if my client has a caller id blocking service on their phone line?
A: In either case our service will still receive and report to you the phone number that your employee is calling from, similar to the 911 systems, because we utilize patented Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology.

Q: If my employee failed to log out of a prior job site, are they prevented from logging into their next location?
A: No.

Q: I might have more than one person at the same job at the same time, will this work?
A: Yes.

Q: Some of my senior citizen clients in home health care have a phone service that only allows a limited amount of calls. Does this add to their call counts?
A: No. Your staff utilizes a toll-free number, which will not add calls or expense to your clients’ telephone bills.

Q: Can my in-house office staff utilize the service as well as my field staff?
A: Yes.

Q: I have subcontractors. Could they use the service?
A: Yes.

Q: I have many employees who start at the same time. Will this be a problem with busy signals?
A: No.

Q: I have supervisors who perform site visits. Will this work for them?
A: Yes. In fact, the service can actually allow the same individual to log in to multiple jobs at the same time. This in effect will keep track of the supervisors’ payroll work hours for the day while detailing and verifying each site visit.

Q: I still require signatures from my clients. How do some of your other users handle this?
A: They continue to use some sort of paper time-slip. The PATTI service can announce the current time when your staff performs a log-in or a log-out. Your worker would then write the announced time on their paper time slip. This helps in the reconciliation process. Our clients typically use our reports for payroll and invoicing and use the paper slips for signature filing.

Q: I have some cases that are either 24 hour or long term. How can I handle this?
A: We can turn on our “check in” option. This gives your workers the ability to “check in” on a periodic time basis that you establish. The PATTI service records the name, client and location. This can be set on a per job site basis. Anyone who is “out of the time window” will show up on the Web reports.

Q: Can the PATTI service record self-scheduled employees’ hours (example: nursing staff)?
A: Yes.


Q: How long has The Phone Works, Inc. been in business?
A: The Phone Works, Inc. was founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1987.

Q: I understand that telephone based time and attendance is patented. In order to avoid infringement do I need to have a license for use with your service?
A: No. The Phone Works holds a license pursuant to the applicable patents to provide ANI time & attendance services to clients.

Q: If I use your service, what is the minimum time commitment you require?
A: The Phone Works is a performance-based company that does not require multi-year contracts to force our clients to stay with us. Our contracts always allow for a thirty-day cancellation if you are not satisfied or want to terminate service for any reason.


Q: I need reports that I do not see in your examples. Can customized reports be provided?
A: Yes.

Q: Before I can start to calculate payroll and invoicing I need to collect my workers’ time slips. It takes me at least three days to collect time slips, if I am lucky. Some of my workers are remote from our office and need to mail or fax their time slips. How quickly do I receive the reports to start the in-office processes?
A: Web reports are in real time. Scheduled reports are waiting for you immediately after your payroll time period has closed. For example, if your payroll workweek is from Monday to Sunday, then your reports are accessible on Monday morning for the prior time period.

Rate Information

Q: What is the cost for automated telephony service?
A: The Phone Works offers both pre-set rate plans based on anticipated call volume, and individualized rate structures based on customized service and functionality. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide all rate information so you can decide which plan best meets your business needs.

Technical/Tech Support/IT

Q: Can I import your data into another program?
A: Yes. We can deliver your data as a common data file, which can be imported into other types of programs that have the ability to accept it, for example Excel, Access, etc.

Q: I already have other programs/software to handle various other functions for my office. Can I still use your service?
A: Yes, our service is a “stand alone” service.

Q: Do I need to purchase, install or maintain any hardware or software?
A: No. The Web reports are “browser” based and may be viewed from any computer that has Internet access.

Q: Do I need to have phone lines?
A: No. Our service provides all the necessary phone lines and toll-free number.

Q: I have a dial up Internet connection. Do I need a broadband connection for this to work?
A: No. Dial up produces acceptable results. Most of our clients however do use broadband. This gives you the added ability to quickly “click and view” to see what is happening on your various job locations in real time without having to wait for a connection to your ISP. If you use Internet Explorer you can also place a short cut on your desktop to automatically enter your Web log-in user id and password. This makes it quick and seamless to use at any time without having to “manually” log in each time.

Q: What about routine updates and technical support?
A: Routine updates and technical support are free of charge.

Q: Does PATTI interface with third party scheduling or other programs?
A: An open interface protocol, which enables third party systems to interface directly with the PATTI system, is available. We have been working with several of the major scheduling vendors who have (or are) integrated with the PATTI service. Please ask us about your scheduling system for further details.

Q: Who maintains the employee and client databases? If I bring on a new hire or client how quickly can I get them into the system?
A: Your staff maintains and updates the employee and client databases. It takes seconds to add a new hire or client. They are immediately placed into the PATTI system in real time.

Q: How long does it take to setup and start to use?
A: Approximately one week.

Q: What do I need to do to start the PATTI service?
A: Supply us with your pertinent information. We will setup the entire service and do all of the initial data entry needed. This allows you to concentrate on the rollout efforts with your staff and clients without worrying about the technical aspect of the service. Once we set up the service (typically one week) we will train you over the phone (average 20 minutes to one hour). You must be on the Internet at the same time. Then you are set to go!


Q: How long does it normally take to “roll-out” the service?
A: Once the service is technically put into place, the amount of time necessary to acclimate your staff into the service is typically one to four weeks depending on various factors. Please remember that this is an average provided to us by our customers and that each office has its own unique personality that will affect the overall time to implement the service.

Q: How long does it take to learn PATTI?
A: The service is voice prompted. It normally takes staff one phone call to learn the service. For administrators the average time is between twenty minutes to one hour. We will train your administrator(s) while on the phone and Internet.