How does PATTI Work?

Quite simply, when a worker (whether an employee or an independent contractor) arrives at a remote job site, they simply place a toll-free call to PATTI to log in, using a number designated exclusively for your company's use. Then again just prior to departing the site, he or she simply places a log-out call. That's it. PATTI takes care of the rest!

Behind the scenes, PATTI uses Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology (which is a patented process) to identify the telephone number and location of the caller, date and time stamp the call, and record the information in our database. Then PATTI can either have it available to designated administrator(s) in real time via the Internet, send out reports via email on a scheduled basis, or transmit the data to your company's servers and databases in real time to process and manage it as you see fit.

And, if you want to capture additional information, such as Task Codes, Mileage or Travel Time, or send messages out to the field (either individually or to a group), PATTI can do this as well!* In fact, PATTI can be modified to capture almost any additional information you desire.*

PATTI WORKS with your existing systems and procedures on a 24/7/365 basis to provide the "Clean, Simple & Easy-To-Use" time & attendance management solution!

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